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Near Field Communication Technology & NFC Technology

The technology beyond the Near Field Communication phenomenon is not easily understood by those whom are not advanced or up to date on the latest technological advances however the basics of Near Field Communication technology are simple. Near Field Communication technology is found within electronic devices. Most commonly NFC is used with smartphones. The NFC feature must be enabled and activated on the phone before it can be used, however once it is activated, it practically works itself. Most smartphones contain a certain hardware, called an NFC chip, that is built into the phone. This chip is capable of sending information that is protected and encrypted to another location a short distance of about 4 centimeters away. This does not sound like much though it is actually a huge step up in technology. The chip uses radio waves to send the information to another electronic device. The technology has gotten so advanced that a person can actually save their credit card information into the memory of their phone and pay for purchases by simply waving their phone at a cash register! There are multiple security features that are put in place to ensure that there is no unauthorized access of the information, this ensures for fast and safe way to simplify transactions. The technology involved in NFC is continually expanding and changing but it seems as if the technology used will only improve in the future.