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Near Field Communication Tags & NFC Tags

A Near Field Communication tag is much like a barcode or a quick response code. The tag is scanned in a similar manner to barcodes and upon being read, the information contained within the tag is displayed on the electronic device. The use of a tag can share more complex information than barcodes or QR codes can, however. NFC tags can share things such as photographs, songs, videos or even software applications. In a retail environment, NFC tags can be scanned and then the person scanning the tag will be presented with a video or occasionally an audio presentation which will give an introduction to the store, museum or park where a person has just arrived. The use of NFC tags can be a great way to draw attention to locations, events and products. Since audio and visual presentations can be made through the NFC tag, they are often more effective and memorable than QR codes other barcodes that are scanned for a marketing or advertisement purposes. The popularity of NFC tags are rising however it has been a slow incline thus far. With people just getting used to the idea of QR codes, NFC technology and tags seem to be a little ahead of the technological times. In a few years, more electronic devices are expected to come equipped with NFC hardware which will lead to an increased interest and understanding of Near Fear Communication tags.