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Near Field Communication Payment & NFC Payment

The technology involved in Near Field Communication consists of a very interesting feature. A payment feature, that allows transactions to be made simply with the use of an electronic device, such as a smartphone. Credit card information is scanned or manually entered into NFC application software. This credit card information is then saved into the memory of the phone. When the user wishes to make a payment using their smartphone, equipped with NFC technology, all they have to do is simply take out their phone. When the phone comes into contact with a traditional cash register, all the user has to do is wave it towards the register, keeping it only about four centimeters distance away and the credit card information is automatically transferred to the cash register and a purchase is made. Creators of NFC technology have added safety features to protect the user’s identity for automatic payments. The credit card information is encrypted which can be decoded by the cash register, but not easily but other humans. The user must also have the software turned on and be within four centimeters of the register to make an automatic payment. These safety features drastically cut down on the amount of fraud that can be involved with Near Field Communication technology. 

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